Anti-stain clear impregnator sealer anti-humidity for marble, natural stone, granite 

Fragrance-free solvent-based product, long-lasting water-oil repellent anti-stain, protective for shiny and smooth surfaces.

STARK has the appearance of a transparent liquid that has a high penetration even in very compact materials such as polished and polished marble, granite, slate, basalt, and porphyry.

The product has its greatest use in the home furnishings sector where it provides an excellent seal against both greasy stains and stains that daily soil the surfaces of the house.

Furthermore STARK acts as a protection against the rising of salts transported by humidity, avoiding the escape of halos and whitening in humid environments such as pool edges, saunas, and wellness centers, therefore environments with a high concentration of water vapor.

The product has high breathability, if its application, if done respecting the recommended parameters, leaves the treated support totally colorless, only its excess can cause halos, easily removable with the use of a suitable solvent.


5 L


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