CS 51



Anti-stain clear impregnator sealer anti-humidity for marble, natural stone, granite and concrete

CS 51 is a water-based stain-resistant product suitable for the protection and consolidation of
surfaces in stone material.
The presence in the formulation of small amounts of solvents compatible with water makes it suitable for application on substrates that still have traces of moisture inside without this making the application ineffective.
The formulation of CS 51 is the result of years of experience in the surface treatment stone sector that allowed us to obtain an ideal product for professional use since, beyond to maintain the protective characteristics of solvent-based products this product, due to its compatibility with water, allows you to significantly reduce intervention times and related
costs, just think of the downtime caused by waiting for the surfaces to dry after
washing, before treatment.
Despite its characteristics of total compatibility with water, it is recommended not to apply it on excessively wet surfaces which, while not nullifying the effectiveness of the treatment would make it less valid as a seal over time.
CS 51 is a versatile product: if an overlap with finishing products is required based on waxes or water-based resin, there would be no problems whatsoever.
The product is applied on: marble, granite, gneiss, sandstone, agglomerated volcanic stones, cement and grits, standard and rustic / artisan terracotta, basalts, which can be used for obtaining flooring rather than cladding, facades, ventilated walls, etc.


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