BEM 126



Stone densifier water-based

BEM126 is a mixture of water-based resins created to obtain a protective and consolidating action on old surfaces in sandstone, terracotta or grit, marble, laid indoors or outdoors.

The application of our product allows penetration into the materials on which it is used, a subsequent consolidation action and finally protection against abrasion due to the characteristics of the resins present in it.

The action of BEM126 is expressed by forming a slight physical barrier that significantly limits dusting and chalking and in extreme cases blocks the flaking of stone supports caused by the absorption of moisture and rain.

The supports treated with BEM126 will return to their original consistency, in addition, the stone surface will take on characteristics of impermeability to water and humidity, impact sound, and dirt repellent.

BEM 126 is also used as a release agent, thanks to its characteristics it does not leave oily stains when the formworks are removed, leaving the surface defined and uniform.

BEM 126 can be used as a finishing product having characteristics of high resistance to foot traffic, washable also with floor cleaning machines.


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